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Windows 7 black screen with cursor before welcome screen

acer em350 problem after upgrade to win7 ultimate

AMD Drivers make windows not start up properly

Hangs after welcome splash screen - windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit


BSOD while using my New Gaphics Card. Help NEEDED and Appreciated~

Windows 7 64 bit black screen with flashing cursor?

Windows only boots with a black screen

Blank Screen?

Windows 7 ssd taking upwards of three minutes to boot- black screen

Black screen with cursor stuck after windows load

blank screen on reboot for Check Disk task

Blue Screen of Death Followed by Black Screen

Black Screen w/cursor after boot b4 login

black screen in full screen games

Black Screen Lockup ONLY when Gaming

Crash to black screen during gaming.

Blank Screen After BootScreen

Windows media Center black screen

Windows 7: Blank screen on boot up

Black screen with mouse cursor after login.

Black screen on Win 7 Setup

Blank screen after using autoruns

Black screen after windows welcome

Windows hangs when in blank screen mode

blue screen to black out

Waking up from sleep causes black screen.

Loading to black screen

Black screen after "starting windows" sometimes

Upgrade Taking Forever with Black Screen

Windows 7 Repair Install screen black before install finished

Monitor shuts off during boot up after intel hd graphics driver instal

Random black screen while gaming and then crash.

During boot I see a black screen for 30 (cos of ext HD)

acer 5551 power up problem

Black Screen of Death - what to do?

No Display After 11/14 Update

Blank screen after login (sometimes)

windows 7 startup issue with black screen

blackscreen hang problem

Black screen when I try to play You Tube

black screen with underscore on dell desktop

Windows 7 Applications Not Responding Occasionally Black Screen

Black screen of death when playing games

AMD CCC installing issue; desktop won't load after restart.

black screen after installing windows 7 on my pavlilion

Laptop display turns off at welcome screen.

Black Screen after login in Windows 7

Black Screen

After SP1 update - black screen with mouse cursor

Black screen on booting windows 7

Blank Screen Appears While Booting

Win7 seems boot normally but display remains with win boot logo

5970 Crashing on bootscreen after driver install

Black Screen appears 2 secs after Logon Screen shown

Random Computer Freeze - Black screen - Restart

Black screen of death? Win7 won't load properly

Win 7 netbook shuts down to black screen with blinking cursor - help.

Black Screen After Microsoft Update

Black screen near the end of installation

Black Screen After User Logon in Windows 7; After Virus Removal

Black Screen After Windows is Starting

Black Screen of Death

Black Screen waking from sleep mode

win7 pro boots to blank screen with cursor. Please. he

Black screen on startup (Not the usual one)

Black Screen Flashes for 2 Seconds when Aero is Enabled

No screen display until Windows begins

Black windows 7 log in screen

Black Screen with pointer after launch

Boot: "Starting Windows" then stops with black screen & active cursor

Windows 7 Ultimate black screen while gaming

laptop-satellite c660-120 starts up black screen and movable cursor

BSOD/ Black Screen about once a day

Black screen crash

Black screen of death persists

Long time with black desktop on bootup; M$ updates 0% downloaded

blinking underscore after logo screen

Black screen with movable mouse cursor before login screen appears

Display blacksout/computer crashes!

win 7 hanging with black screen

Replace my entire PC - still black screening.

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