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Blue Screen Crash from playing Video Games

Blue Screen error 0x000000f4 at random intervals

BSOD was caused by ?

Bluescreen on my new pc! Help Please!

need help. BSOD.

BSOD while logging in

Computer shut off without blue screen

BSOD everytime after sleeping.

BSODs happens to many times

BSOD Everytime I leave for an extended period of time

New build PC everyday BSOD several errors

BSOD and Crash restart

BSOD on new Windows installation

BSOD Immediately before windows login


BSOD while playing basically any game

Hard drive dead after BSOD? (but still readible through CMD)

2 or 3 BSODs on startup

BSOD happens to quick

Since Virus and BSOD problem. HijackThisAdvice

BSOD on most startups

BSOD after last Windows update

BSOD on window start up

Windows 7 Blue Screen Error and Laptop Restart

BSOD's all day long =x - Help!

Windows 7 BSOD after istalling new SSD

Random BSOD - error 1E

BSOD while at windows startup

BSOD Only after install (any) NVIDIA Drivers

Blue Screen! Help me please!

BSOD on a new system

Blue screen whenever I boot the computer - just started today

Frequent sequence of blue screens

BSOD on boot

BSOD while gaming accompanied by freezes and tons of eventvwr logs

BSOD-problem 0x124 was solved - now again

Help me ! Blue Screen

Blue Screen of Death random

constant BSOD on start up (possible update error)

hardware bsod

BSOD on first start-up then no BSOD on 2nd start-up.

BSOD while playing various games in Steam

BSOD frequently - even after newly installed system

BSOD playing Skyrim

Getting BSOD loginning into widows 7 x64

BSOD once a day. Don't know to fix it

5 Different BSoDs

BSOD when adding hard drives to 64-bit version

Random BSOD new PC


Blue screen while switching users

pervasive BSOD on Win7

Random BSOD during games

Constant blue screen after replacing HDD

BSOD while logging in to email

BSOD when shutdown or restart

Lots of bluescreen since new video card (installed yesterday)

BSOD going to sleep 0x0000009f

BSOD coming up randomly. first only when playing movies

Random 64bit Win7 bluescreens

Various BSODs

My BSOD Problem.

BSOD on youtube

Periodically occuring blue screen

BSOD On New Windows 7

Games closing while playing with BSOD and without BSOD

several BSOD after startup

BSOD playing any type of game

BSOD errors for free!

Windows 7 Unexpected Shutdown Blue Screen Error

BSOD 1x0000001E Error Help

BSOD very often

BSOD every couple of days or so

BSOD flashes for a second then crashes on startup after switching HDD

Some general BSOD.

Software Related BSOD

BSOD while playing some games - happens once a week

BSOD Using Frequently

Getting random bsod all day long

BSOD related to PC sleep on new PC

BSOD W7 64 bits

BSOD Computer shuts downs at turn on again

BSOD problem

BSOD playing any games

BSOD (Unexpected shutdown)

Blue Screen every shutdown

BSOD shortly after loading

Repeated BSOD Error 0x000000000

blue screen when installing windows 7 64 bit

Problem with BlueScreen

Random BSOD can't use computer

Win 7 Home Premium Crash

Blue Screen help while gaming and video streaming

BSOD while playing most video games

BSODs and Random Reboots plague my pc

I need help finding the source of BSOD and find solutions

BSOD playing videos

BSOD Mouse freeze

Random BSOD and shutdowns on startup / ASUS

BLUE SCREEN | nvlddmkm.sys (FRENCH)

Blue Screen

BSOD after PC fails to Shutdown properly

BSOD appears to be random

BSOD when I play one game

How do I fix BSOD

BSOD shortly after startup during first few attempts

Blue Screen of Death "tcip.sys"

BSOD when installing Windows Updates (also other times)

BSOD when connecting to a wifi network

Random Blue Screens on a Fresh Clean install


BSOD few minutes after bootup

BSOD during varying operations

Too many BSOD error

Unseen BSOD after shut down

BSOD while following things were open

win 7 BSOD help please

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)_problem

BSOD Random shutdown

Did the thing I was told to do only to keep getting BSOD

Blue Screen of Death

BSOD while browsing online only

Constantly getting BSOD Please Help

BSOD 4 times in one month

BSOD After i wake CPU from Hibernate Sleep

BSOD All hardware NEW!

bsod when installing new 4gb ram

From time to time BSOD screens

Random Blue Screen for no reason today

BSOD for Windows 7 machine

BSOD on start-up

Blue screening / freezing randomly in W7

Sudden BSOD

BSOD while installing windows

BSOD without the Blue Screen

Random Blue Screen and Crashes

Need help with BSOD Windows 7 x64

BSOD when computer sleeps

random bsod on new pc

Blue screen appeared! Windows said there was a driver problem

Occasional BSOD

Getting BSOD on HP Pavilion DV6 3180ea

rdm BSOD can?t find

BIOS update BSOD no display on boot.

Blue Screen - Cdd.dll

BSOD shortly after any boot up

BSOD at start up

BSOD using Chrome and watching Twitch streams

Blue screen errors D1 and 7E Iastor.sys! Help

BSOD right after boot once a day

Blue Screens playing WoW

BSOD only after game crash 0x34 & 0x7e

BSoD while playing EQ - multiple error messages

Random bluescreens with different messages

BSOD Crash frequently

Several BSODs with Different Stop Messages

BSOD While Playing Most Games; Formerly Not An Issue

BSOD Playing various games

Login BSOD

new install of win7 x64 various random bsods

BSOD before log in to windows & during use

Bluescreen restarts


BSOD Windows 7

BSOD and system crashes

recurring BSOD

computer freeze often and blue screen very often also

Blue screen on start up after trying to enable hibernate on

BSOD on boot and randomly while in operation

BSOD problems after installing new graphics card

BSOD 64bit

BSOD - Computer less than a week old

BSOD occuring semi regularly for months

Help! Frequent BSoD in less than a month old PC

BSOD appears randomly

BSOD while closing the PC or closing some games

BSOD while booting up

BSOD on trying to add printer

BSOD while streaming video from Netflix

computer messed up after crash(blue screen)

New BSOD when opening a video in facebook

BSOD issue uncertain - Occurred after moving house

Random BSOD's - Two different Messages

BSOD after pressing the Shut Down button. W/DUMP

Please Help! Blue Screen of death ofc.

Frequent BSOD even with fresh install and hardware check.

BSOD while using Wifi Hotspot and LAN

Several and various BSOD messages

Several Different BSOD's in a few minutes

Random blue screens

Many BSODs while doing anything!

BSOD by starting WOT

Windows blue screens with error text straight after the loading Screen

bsod: how to understand the problem ?

BSOD Sleep problem - Please HELP

BSOD since the beggining

BSOD Ramdom Windows 7

Blue Screens whenever the computer goes to sleep or at random

Frooze then blue screen

BSOD appears when whatching youtube videos

BSOD when waking from every other sleep

Awoke to find BSOD recovery announcement

BSOD When Playing games!

BSOD when running prime95 Hardware error minidump

Blue Screen and Restarting

Boring Title: Blue Screens

BSOD after shutting down PC

BSOD in various games

BSOD after going into sleep mode or hibernate.

Blue Screen of Death every so often when playing Saints Row IV

BSOD after start-up and whilst playing several games

Random Stop Errors + Crashes

BSOD Restart loop

BSOD when logging in after hibernate

Help I get BSOD now and then


BSOD when using anything connected to my internet

big problems with bsod

BSOD assistance

seems random bsod restarts to quickly to get any error code

Another BSOD 32bit Enterprise

BSOD after HD failing/replacing

BSOD when i try to do anything on any Browser

BSOD on 7 x64

BSOD occuring several times a week

blue screen error when resuming from sleep

Clean install more BSOD than before

BSOD and boot fails

BSOD at pretty random times

BSOD when running games

BlueScreen Win7 Again

BSOD after multiple changes

BSOD upon opening any program

BSOD caused by unknown threat

BSOD every time a full security scan or registry clenaup happens

BSOD after from sleep.

Windows randomly crashes and shows error on startup

BSOD when using internet - New computer

Frequent BSOD after installing new RAM

BSOD when sleep or hibernating - Win7

Blue Screen Problem every time i open my PC! Cannot operate for long.

Bsod when open certain video

BSOD for a while now?

Need some help solving my BSOD issues

Constant Blue Screens

BSOD randomly throughout the day even while not running applications

help please : my dell w/ win 7 (64-bit) crashed

BSOD watching YouTube Videos

Blue Screen after Sleep/Hibernate

Blue Screen then loss of desktop

BSOD randon crashes.

BSOD when starting up computer

BSOD with new laptop when entering sleep

random BSOD several times a week

BSOD after 5 hrs of normal usage

BSOD when laptop hibernates or sleeps

Blue Screen Blues.


New Hardware BSoD

BSOD when using IE/Chrome & packing dump files

BSOD Error

0x0000004 BSOD often w7 64bit new install

Quick help needed! Blue screen error

BSOD as a way of life.

BSOD After Shutdown/Restart

BSOD All week.

Two BSOD whilst IDLE and Gaming (Dumps included)

Notebook crashes with BSOD during shutdown

BSOD with new system help please!

BSOD when startup

New Laptop w/ Multiple BSOD Types

blue screen randomly - BSOD error 0x000000E1

BSOD after start up

Random BSOD when putting laptop to sleep

BSOD before and after OS reinstall

BSOD on Wakeup

BSOD week after clean install

bsod While gaming. Many different errors.

Blue screen when trying to login

BSOD occurs when computer on

BSOD occurring randomly. Happened twice in one month.

First BSOD (on this install)

Random bsod caused by gpu overheat?

BSOD shortly after logging in

BSOD Error with brand new PC

Help BSOD!

BSOD playing full screen games

BSoD for a year now. Need help

Still having BSOD problems

BSOD On Computer I Am Fixing (Multiple Errors)

fixed BSOD isn't fixed :(

BSOD Windows 7 Enterprise

BSOD Take 3

Random Freezez and BSOD

BSOD (of course) mostly on startup

BSOD after installing display drivers

BSOD when starting Windows 7!

BSOD - need help fixing

BSOD Issues in Windows 7 Professional

BSOD While playing any video game (0x5003

BSOD coming out of Hibernate

Brand new laptop BSOD when sleeping.

Windows7 Blue screen error 1st time

BSOD 64-bit during games

BSOD randomly after windows reinstall

BSOD on Shut down

win has crashed from unexpected error

Display BSOD! Need HELP!

BSOD on startup - affects several PCs

BSOD - Just did fresh install

BSOD on shutdown

BSOD Playing Diablo 3

BSOD on Vaio Laptop

Blue Screen (What else?)

BSOD while using internet

BSOD problem by avast software and two microsoft windows 7 services.

BSOD when updating

BLUE SCREEN(VideoCrash) Related

new SSD = BSOD

Bsod just showed up 2 days ago

A persistent and tricky to resolve BSOD

BSOD error when turning on

BSOD after login

BSOD. Possible driver issue?

Multiple BSOD no Common Reason

Blue screen with unknown reason

blue screen error after waking up from sleep

Random BSOD on new laptop

BSOD new Windows7 Ult

BSOD playing games (Diablo 3)

Blue Screens out of the blue

BSOD random crashes error 0x0000050

BSOD even after clean Win7 re-install

Bluescreen problem - Windows 7 shutdown

Return of Random BSOD

BSOD crashes. various different reasons.

BSOD occurs randomly once or twice a day

BSOD while running game.

BSOD on boot up

BSOD Help - SnypeX24

Games on windows crash after CPU upgrade (With BSOD 1 time so far)

Unexpected BSOD error message on Windows start up

BSOD win 7 ult x64

BSOD randomly happens

2x BSOD during virus scan/using photoshop

windows 7 blue screen

blue screen of death wont stop

BSOD during regular use

Random BSOD on HP Win7

BSOD on loadup

BSOD when installing windows seven

a permanent bsod after windows 7 logo

BSOD having trouble figuring out what to do.

BlueScreen again! Various errors

Help! BSOD alert

BSOD insleep mode

1-week old Asus Desktop and several BSOD already

BSOD while playing different games

So many BSODs.

BSoD's while gaming multiple reasons

blue screen while starting windows

Blue Screen out of the Blue

New Dell System Crashes Galore

Several BSODs occurred last night

BSOD while playing Overwatch and various other activities

Various BSOD while gaming

Windows 7 HP Multiple BSOD (Pt 2)

BSOD 5min after boot

BSOD installing or using software after to format and install Windows7

BSOD coming every time

BSOD while watching movies and also randomly

2 Blue Screens in 20 mins CF brought me here

64 bit - Blue screens

BSOD crash after youtube/inserting external hard drive

BSOD while connecting to internet

cant boot - always get to 0x50 BSOD

Windows 7 BSOD - Audio Issue

BSOD and multiple crashes on first startup

BSOD experienced when returning to computer after several hours

Win 7 BSOD issue

always BSOD

BSOD Computer Crashes Frequently

BSOD happens randomly every night

BSOD whilst sending an email on Chrome

Random BSOD errors

DRIVER_IRQL and BSOD and random screen freezes

BSOD General Computer Usage.

BSOD on starting Windows

Recurring BSOD on Windows 7 Pro

BSOD when shutting down

Very Random BSOD's (First BSOD on my System!)

BSOD pretty often

BSOD/Restart after Windows Logo

BSOD when browsing through a normal legit web page

More BSOD issues

BSOD when shutting down Windows 7

BSOD thinking im low on memory when im not and other problems

BSOD while playing any game or video

BSOD when updating Graphics Card

blue screen with message Stop: 0x000000FA (0x000000000000001

Random BSOD on windows.

BSOD since install

BSOD - Very frequent - No common denominator

Bluescreen problem - several

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) after uninstalling Kaspersky

BSOD from virus

BSOD During gameplay and once during idle

Bosd (help)

BSOD all the time

BlueScreen in Windows 7

BSODs with multiple error codes on fresh install

BSOD on Clean Install for Laptop

BSOD every time i load a game

Computer restarts (blue screen) 1-2 times

BSOD in the middle of general computer use

Random BSODs since installing new SSD

BSOD just started

BSOD During Boot up

frequent BSOD on HP DV4 laptop

Had a few BSOD and wonder why

Had my computer for awhile recently started getting BSOD

Blue screen of death all of a sudden

ALOT of bluscreens and dumping

BSoDs after Windows updates

BSOD - Need Help!


constant BSOD when logging on

BSOD all of a sudden when browsing website

Blue screen error.

BSOD and Error Help

BSOD at least twice a day

BSOD issue - Win7

Need explaination on BSOD error 0x0000008e

Computer BSOD while gaming

BSOD for no apparent reason deosn't let me boot

BSOD while palying

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)(need HELP)

BSOD when Sleep/Hibernate


BSOD's happening almost every day

Blue screen error Help please

BSOD On Desktop

How to fix my blue screen? Tried Everything.

BSOD 00000050 Happens every 5 minutes

Windows 7 64-Bit ntoskrnl.exe BSOD when trying to sleep

BSOD 101 while playing AND streaming after new PSU

BSOD happens randomly on laptop toshiba

BSOD during wifi usage and only with certain access points

Starcraft BSOD

Etron Blue Screen of Death (EtronXHCI and various parts of it)

BSOD ever since downlading minecraft

Blue Screen Of Death help (log attached)

bsod of new RAM

bsod crashes after connecting to internet

Repeated BSOD when logged onto the internet

BSOD OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033

errors and blue screens

BSOD Crash

Blue death screen n minidumps

computer crash - BSOD

Bsod trouble

IRQL_Not_Less_Or_Equal on newly formatted PC

BSOD after several upgrades.

BSOD - Blue Screen Of Death 3rd Time

Multiple BSOD since early March - 0000000000008886

BSOD from new memory card

BSOD after reformatting

Intermittent various BSOD

BSOD help please tyty =)

Random Blue Screens on fresh(er) Computer Build


Working networking pci-e card causing BSOD

Possible One Time Blue Screen?

BSOD associated with Bios version

Several BSODs with no possibility to start Windows7

BSOD during Boot

Blue Screen while watching 1080p videos on YouTube

BSOD after resume from hibernation

BSOD caused by video played on Steam

Need help with BSOD.!

BSOD occurs randomly and often

Random BSOD's all the time (Gaming or not)

Multiple BSOD. More frequent as days go by.

BSOD Multiple times during the day and different error each time

BSOD while watch

BSOD shortly after start up

BSOD On Startup and Shutdown

BSOD playing multiple games PAGE_FAULT.

BSOD Opening a Video File From My Photos

BSOD Windows7 32bit

[BSOD] Random Crashes

Random BSOD's here and there while on windows

3 bsod in one day

Blue Screen Problem plz help !

New Laptop Keeps Getting BSOD

BlueScreen. WHY?

Delayed Shutdown or Restart then BSOD

BSOD randomly before and after windows loads

Getting BSOD and other errors

BSOD or crash on hibernate or sleep mode

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