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USB optical wireless mouse not working

LAN Not Connecting Correctly

Realtek Connector Settings not working properly

USB ports dont work after computer format.

WIn 7 AUdio Failure on Resume

Built-in microphone not working.

Inbuilt dell laptop mic not working

Keyboard & Mouse locked at Windows 7 Password Screen!

keyboard turns off when using repair computer startup

Usb failure?

USB Ports are not working in Windows 7

Thunderbird Links don't work

windows 7 with IE9 auto complete not working?

USB keyboard not working AFTER boot

screenshot not working

Acer Aspire Timeline Win7 not working properly

Which Browser Has NO Suggestions

7 Home Premium not Detecting USB Drives

Webcam driver is installed but not working

Onboard Sound Issues

F8 button not working for XP when Duol booting with 7

Windows7 Mouse Problem

5.1 surround doesnt work

wifi is down D:

Outlook search feature not working properly

Having Issues with my mouse

USB fails randomly. search here will not let me use USB?

Ethernet controller problem

Mouse Buttons Messed up Registering

Problems with my card driver and some USB drivers

Connections not available - but internet still working!

USB Hub Driver Problems

USB ports are not working

Ethernet controller not working!

DHCP - WIN7 64Bit - Not Working

Browsers not connecting

no microphone

Volume Buttons is not adjusting volume on new keyboard

No Sound - Have to keep re-plugging in speaker connector

USB not connecting

LAN driver issue.

Laptop Monitor not working

Can my sound card make 5.1 speakers work?

Wireless not working after Windows 7 upgrade

USB problems.

USB 2.0 Problem

No power to USB after failed hardware install

Wifi Connection Doesn't Work

Windows+L shortcut key (lock session) not working anymore

Keyboard not working in GAMES ONLY (somewhat)

Windows 7 USB Device Windows Update ISSUES!

USB2.0 problem.

I can connect to the internet but it won't work

Computer "Manage" window not working

Toshiba Satellite L745D touch pad.

Upgraded Adobe Flash Player & now can load radio stations

wireless mouse won't work

Built-in mic not working and I can't fix it

Forwarded Ports suddenly Not Working

Toshiba C855D Keyboard not working

Acer eRecovery not working -- need fresh install

Mouse issues

Microphone Quality Problems

Wireless not working

USB ports not working after hibernation

Got sound from my headphone jack abut nothing from speakers

Well known shortcuts now working (Win+L

Unable send clickable hyperlink from IE9 using default email

USB ports not working in windows

Laptop MousePad

Internet connection not working when I open my desktop

Installed usb 3.0 driver now keyboard and mouse wont connect.

loud speaker is not working

Internet not working with dual boot

Windows Sound event not working

Internet accessible but no browser working

Router Firmware/Networking issue

Synaptix Mousepad Not working - Driver/Hardware Issue

New Gaming Headset not working.

USB Keyboard & Mouse Drivers Not Loading Properly

USB memory stick help

No sound from builtin speakers

Keyboard - Shift & Alt keys stopped working for keyboard shortcuts

My Ethernet controller is not working

HDMI Cable not working

Built-in mic isn't working

Hotkeys on Cherry Keyboard all dead after System Crash

AT&T Internet Problems

Keyboard won't work in Windows 7 boot loader

External Microphone Not working. sometimes.

WLM cannot open url links in Mozilla

Outlook 2010 Auto address complete after restart

Microsoft Sidewinder mouse not working

Laptop keys are not working


Instant Search not working!

USB drivers not working on my ASUS ROG Laptop

Problem with Microphone

Keyboard won't work until after a reboot.

registry issue seems to have caused hotkeys not to function

Cannot get my built-in microphone to work.

USB ports not working properly after using external USB hub

External and built in mouse on laptop not working

USB Port issue some drives work some don't! Code 10!

Some keyboard shortcuts not working

recovery disk creation wont load

Mouse has problem when holding Right or Left button

KeyBoard & Mouse doesnt work

Is my WiFi ok?

Laptop Touchpad

Built in microphone not working after upgrading to Window 7

Netflix doesn't work on Windows 7 Internet Explorer

WIFI not working

Realtek 5.1 speaker system problem

Hyperlinks not working in outlook 2010

some keys locked

Keyboard malfunctioning "specific keys"

Listen to this Device option is not working; using USB headset

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