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network connection probs

Windows 7 desktop classic no programs run

Can't install Windows 8.1 or 7 on laptop

X-FI titanium problems with windows 7

Windows font smoothing will force me to switch. Any Alternatives?

Windows no longer utilizes 8GB. Now only uses 4GB

High CPU and Memory usage

Windows 7 from Vaio to Dell Studio

Windows 7 can't find RAID HDD?

How do I force add 'Touch Keyboard' to toolbar?


Ugraded to windows ten and it wont recognize dual monitors

Windows Explorer frustration.

CD/DVD Drive showing up twice

Windows of programs open's behinde other windows

What is a Debugged/Checked build

No BSOD - System just freezes

Suggestion for upgrading to windows 8

Icon sizes reset after restart and.

What Programs/Configurations Are Well Known To Cause BSODs?

UAC changing screen resolution

Certain application plays at only half volume?

Second taskbar can't be separated from the main one

The Latest Build?

Long Boot Time after shutdown

BDSO error 0x00000109 with driver verifier issues

Power4Gear Hybrid isnt responding

Update exits after a few secnods

USB 3 device not connecting correctly

Creative SB-XFI Titanium - problem

Dual monitors and sticky edges disabling.

How to reinstall Advanced Boot Tools?

Hard drive partition problem in Windows 7 on a HP laptop for dual boot

Resolution display problem

Excessive HDD activity

Win 7 Hibernates immidiately once after successful resume

Intel Storage Driver Update Gone Bad -- Unable to Boot

Ask! Performance ESET Smart Security V5

BSOD sudden crashes

nVidia GeForce GTX 500 Series SLI Advice

Change default image editor

Windows 10 upgrade notification monopolises Windows Update

Problems with driver of Audio card

BSOD playing RIFT/Youtube/Stream Watching

I upgraded to Windows 7 and now my internet is slower

PC Crashing

Random BSODs . whether desktop is active or idle

BSOD while Windows 7 loading + TDR error

Major Program Compatibility Issues after Windows Update

Windows 7 - Fonts on desktop dissapeared and cant load start menu

Audio volume very low after installing Realtek driver

Random BSOD System_Service_Exception

Can you upgrade a OEM Version?

Changing Window frame color doesn't work

DISPLAY dimming problem and gadgets

Can't Encrypt Additional Partition with BitLocker

Cannot install some updates

Search box broken

Physical Ram Usage Spikes to 99%

Taskbar graphics and slow startup.

Right-clicking menu with "Fade or slide menus into view" seems laggy

Unable to get Windows to start.

Say the Time Date/Time Field in Task Tray Doesn't Launch Menu

Quest to reduce customise the start menu.

Wi-fi USB adapter driver download problem

Win installer & screen resolution after upgrade to 64bit

Windows 7 Superbar Lag/Delay

iTunes stuttering issues/ missing info on files

I can't connect to the internet after upgrading

search on start menu

TaskBar Hover Over Modifications


Going to BIOS after Windows installed updates?

Why did My laptop lag when I am installing 1 window update?

Several GBs of language files should @$#! well be safe to delete

I have a problem with Freezes

BSOD & Freezing not sure why

cannot fix icons problem!

What should I be doing to back up windows properly

Will upgrading to Win 10 fix issues with explorer.exe crashing in W7?

Remote Desktop Issues - Black Context Menus

ATi 9600 pro + Windows 7 drivers

Making windows explorer more user friendly

Wierd problem with one user account

Laptop auto-hibernates after 4 minutes immediately after Windows 7 upd

Wifi Disabling itself

Accidentally lost administrative privilege

Windows Turned Auto Update Back On?

Intel HD graphics update install crashed the computer

Very long lag after clicking Error Checking > Check Now > "Start"

Reverting to MS AHCI driver?

Windows will not start. Stuck in Test Diagnostics Screen

Computer unusable due to frequent crashes

message on shutdown re open programs

Ownership of C Drive (System Drive)

Appropriate symbols for debugging 7137

sysprep issues

Homegroup Trouble. Help!

How to stop Windows Update download ?

I need help in changing the way OneDrive is setup

help me:Unable to load Windows after using EasyBCD to write MBR

Random BSOD and freezes after new build

Is Backup Schedule just for File backups?

Playing any media causes crash after Windows Update

Windows 10 Home lock screen lack of notifcations

BSOD/Freeze when using Skype and when shutdown pc.

Windows update wipes out all toolbars

Memory Usage problem.

Problems trying to install Win7Pro on a Dell bought with Win10

Windows Explorer doesn't work after resuming from sleep

Oidata B4200 Driver for 64 bit Win 7

Constant HD Activity

why cant i activate my windows? help

Reoccurring low sound issue affecting two sound cards

Computer Crashing - No BSOD - Lots of Information!

Homegroup - files problem

Running windows mail in the background?

Multiple failed Windows Update attempts


why is dnsrslvr.dll (dnscache) freezing PC every few minutes ?

Managing Partitions

Looking for SSD Windows install recommendations

Programs crash if keyboard is used

20 New win updates

Unable to get past "Starting Windows" after BSOD

FREEZING Issue - Possible Driver Failure?

Reactivation after hardware changes

Win 7 64 Updates & Hosed Network

Use Student download to "upgrade" new laptop?

intel rapid storage technology boot error

How to get rid of kb3123862?

BSOD at random points

cleartype completely off

Computer freezes and restart >.<

Now that I upgraded to 7

Windows 7 losing functionalities

How to display Bios boot menu on startup?

Why cant windows set up home group

I keep getting BSOD's randomly

Upgrading W7 to W10 (free)

automatic submenu expansion

Fuzzy Writing

Hit by Virus: erased some path(s) and messes with internet connectivit

Homegroup Not showing all PC's on one machine in Homegroup icon

Installation issue from upgrade to Original OEM problem _MB?

Sound Suddenly Stops During Gaming

PC internet stuck on "Identifying".

Personalize Windows 7 Beta

Desktop Freezes Up

Can't select "Bubbles" Screensave

pc freezes randomly with following error code:

OEM System Builder Licensing Question

Unable to type password at login screen

Need Permissions to Delete Old Windows Files

Upgraded system BSOD

UAC - Allow Per Program ?

BSOD after system freezes

BSOD Need Help getting BSOD 20 times in the last 24 hours!

Not showing all RAM in Win7 Ultimate 32-bit

Random freezing in-game or on desktop issues

Windows Updates Caused 'slowdown' after login?

Multi Screen - Turn off Mouse Wheel Click to Move Window

SSDs and Superfetch

How to remove Windows 10 upgrade updates in Windows 7 and 8

Memory Management BSOD when using Google Chrome

Desktop Text Drop-Shadowing

Help crashes on every update

Unable to get PC to sleep after screen saver has kicked in

Gaming BSOD

Should I upgrade to Win 7 Professional ?

OEM W7 and replaced mobo

Sandbox program for 64 bit?

BSOD 0x00007 and 0xc0000428 error

BSOD randomly

Last update prevents Windows from loading-is this pretty normal?

Windows Upgrade with dual boot

Multiple failed Win updates

Windows 7 system repair screwed everything up

moved a program

Monitor sleep/wakeup problem with auto-hide taskbar

Win 10 blocker not working?

Ultimate causes bugs compared to Pro?

Win 10 Upgrade Updates - List?

Reformat Windows Drive Without Affecting Second Storage Drive

How do I turn off that feature which auto moves windows on screen?

How to delete a Home group

asks to make a recovery disc on start up

Slow initial user login

Windows 7 key bound to DVD?

No sound and wont update my drivers.

Delete/remove onedrive

Schedule Windows housekeeping?

GWX - Three more updates popped up this morning

Windows VLK and Ghost

How do you search for " Modified files" in windows 7?

Can not see user selection screen

Error Message after Importing Settings in Registry

OS unrecognizable following Windows Update - PC can't boot

random constant BSOD

Windows update crashes my computer

About MS Windows 10

2 BSOD's in last 10 min

Is there a way to customize a desktop background's appearance more?

How to find a Homegroup's username?

mouse-over icon on taskbar shows text

Computer BSODs a lot

No results when searching programs and files in Windows Search bar.

Where are the background pictures

How to have image files display as thumbnails not icons

Windows Explorer icon with padlock in notification area.

My start menu flickers and closes

Enabling Aero Requires Restart

Issues with wired Connection

6 BSODs in 2 days after repair install

windows freezing shortly after boot every time

real folders in start menu instead of libraries

Flickering in old games on Nvidia (very strange problem)

HomeGroup File Access Not Working Permissions Error

My Icons are broken!

BSOD at start up Windows 10

Warning icon on Volume C:

Mini Pop Up screen on taskbar

Random BSOD that I can't seem to solve

Unable to connect hp ProBook 4440s with the internet at all

Free space in Windows partition

Missing memory

asio and bsod

PC Crashes & Freezes

How do I change the width of just the pinned icons in the taskbar

Screen Freeze Followed By BSOD

Windows 7 freezes randomly. No BSOD. Now won't start.

Recording level keeps changing

Windows 7 desktop/Internet/everything Unresponsive

Frequent BSOD Crash

Hibernate ! no longer working !?

Screensaver problem - doesn't shut off or restart

BSOD Random and possibly more often when I'm running multiple programs

Windows Not responding After New Build

D-Link DNS-320 Mapping Issue

How does system image of Windows installed along ubuntu work?

ATI Radeon HD 3200 (HDMI) + Samsung 3d LCDTV (1920x1080) underscan

HDMI 1080P Doesent fill the screen

Turning of Task Bar Highlights

Laptop doesn't shutdown after clean Windows 7 install

Stop power to USB chill matt when on standby

BSOD when gaming

Problems with start menu background image

How do I make log in screen go away?

Windows 7 won't recognize all my ram

Why can't I change my desktop or add a new user in Win7 Pro x64?

Windows Stopped Booting

Jump lists shrunk?

Where does Windows store list of apps pinned to the taskbar?

How To Let The Volume Change When Plugging In Headphones?

How can I know if license would be valid for re-install on same lapto?

Screen saver takes me to log out screen

Laptop won't shut down

Getting rid of pen ripple effect

need ti install DVD/CD/BD drivers Vaio Z591u

Cannot find Bluetooth driver that will install

Window 7 Professional blinking twice at login and again once login

secondary drive icon

When I open any icon on desktop

Whether Java pre installed with windows ?

Startup problem related to User Acct. Control Setting

Windows won't sleep properly

Random restarts and system restore upon boot

Problem with Network service

How to undo permission for a specific program?

How do we remove the disable Windows 10 registry entry?

Windows couldn't automatically blind the IP protocol stack.

Screen Blinking/Flashing Continously

Automatic Wake up of PC During Sleep

Can't Make Windows Mail Default

usbstor.inf problem

Fresh Install of Windows 7 64 bit taking over 24 hours so far

Too Slow Computer.Ram Too High

New X99 BSOD

Wifi Not Work In Windows 7 pro after updates

Random crashing/freezing

Fresh install

WND3100v2 Won't work at all - Please help!

BCOD randomly (mostly when gaming) 0x0000003B

Add a Canon printer with no driver and Windows update doesn't work

Blue Screens during games

Explorer keeps crashing and random BSODS

2 Windows profiles at startup

Folder icon showing blank

Computer will sleep but not hibernate or shut down

Windows 7 Post-Installation Space Issue

Windows get BSOD when downloading with Torrent

Installing is insanely slow

windows sounds not working no more.

Why is Win 7 only accepting 3 sticks of memory

Dual Boot Instal Problem

Just cant get sound drivers to work

Login Screen Appears with no password and one account

Can I track Downloads in IE by MB / Desktop Icon Query

Installed win 7 64 bit now sound wont work

Problems with internet connectivity after hibernate

Random BSOD & Applications crashing

Huge problems installing iTunes on new laptop 64 bit

Doesn't remember default settings

Expanding windows in taskbar

Win auto update won't complete - computer is unusable

BSOD while doing basic things such as skype/web browsing/ms word

Original CD key on trial version

Files appear in start bar search

Cannot install updates.

Reinstalling from scratch OEM Windows Professional 64 Bit

AMD Drivers Not Detected after Catalyst 14.12 Update

Cannot delete / remove +-1TB of Temp Files on 1/2TB Drive?

Hard drive offline? Windows crashes and restarts

cannot restore disk is full. no admin privileges

Homegroup Setup O.K. - now Computer won't Sleep

Corrupt rdyboost.sys preventing startup

Windows 7 wireless upgrade problem

indexing other drives - reindexs on first load

triple monitor not working

My laptop does not hilbernate

Internal Microphone Suddenly Not Working After Windows Update

Flag added to stop a .dll from loading?

Cursor flickers

Win7 freezes frequently - Even after reinstall

Is there a 1-click to enable/disable the wireless adapter?

Upgrade from Home to Professional

Why does my Windows look like it's 3d almost sort of not really.

Kinect and Windows 7

Change user account type from System Recovery

Frequent & Random BSOD this week.

Bluescreen on boot up - Netio.sys related?

Need Help Using Mac Shared Printer on W7 PC

Problem when trying to run old 32bit application

I want to use power plan unplugged all the time

Can you check this minidump files for me please!

Windows logo key on keyboard not bringing up the windows start menu

very big windows 7 question


Blue screen of death never goes away please help! Error 41 (63)

User accounts issue. Can't create 2nd account.

Wake up on mouse

How to remove browser label on taskbar?

Installing DirectX 9

Wifi adapter keeps turning off on Asus laptop

Repair Windows 7 bootloader with Windows 10 DVD

BSOD within minutes of cold boot every time

Dolby surround of my sound card doesn't work properly

Two Control Panels

Resuming from sleep.

Systray icons are not responding

BSOD Errors: 0x0000001E - 0x000000C1 - 0x00000024 And so on

How To Speed Up Slow Thumbnail Loading

windows locks up after windows screen but i can use safe mode.

windows upgrade - skip compatibility test

Will the W10 reserve over-ride my WU 7 settings

Black Screen and No Internet Connections? + Downgraded Windows look

WIndows 7 Will No Longer Boot

How to rearrange the items in toolbar of windows explor

Activating Windows 10 (upgraded Windows 7) on another motherboard

cng.sys error after system restore

BSOD / Random Freezes

nvlddmkm ;/

Sony VAIO laptop (Win 7 HP 64-bit) boots up slowly

Updates will not install

Problem creating a home group

Cursor slows down randomly.

BSOD'ing randomly about once a week. 3 different error codes.

Multiple Default Sound Cards

Upgrading fr XP to 7: The Bloated C Drive

Windows 7 update broke all usb

Fonts are being displayed in Chinese

Windows 7 IDT Audio 5.1 Sound Problem.

Double Click Required to Maximize Running Pinned Program on Taskbar

Win 7 upgrade disk questions

windows activation error 0xc0000022

BSOD dxgmms1.sys during video

Reinstalling windows after windows recovery options failing to help

ssd install problems

Can't share PC with Homegroup

can't install/receive update 3035583 for win 10 taskbar icon

Windows 7 Freezes at Login Screen?

How do I get back my install folder after taking ownership mishap.

BSOD with repeated 0X00000124 errors

Why is Defraggler reporting higher defragmentation numbers than 7?

Consistent BSOD crashes

Stuck In Bootloop After Windows 10 Update Attempt

Audio Driver Problem

Laptop won't fall asleep

Windows 10 may eat you windows 7 key it did mine if using a vm.

How do i get generic sound driver back?

Screen Saver flicker before showing login prompt

Constant BSOD while working.

BSOD Occurs 5 Minutes After Logging In

Windows Explorer and now Browsers slow / timing out

Why Backup user and system files fails to create system images to optical disc?

Boot options

DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE + ntoskrnl.exe Blue Screen of Death.

Help| Laptop Wakes Up On It's Own

Win7 & WinXP Hell

my pc crashes often

My hadware sound dev

Shortcuts that open programs in custom window locations?

eruNT lives again

BSOD/Restart at random - Kernel-Power (41)

I found an old laptop that isn't activated anymore.

Windows will not load

BSOD at random times code x93

X-Fi 5.1 Driver Fix

Changing Audio Devices

Will I face any problem with this intended new upgrade?

I'd like to have sound output through 2 sets of speakers at same time

Help with random freezes and BSOD.

Wierd crashing (not BSOD)

Homegroup not working since router change

Random BSOD during pc boot

HTTPS & network share browsing unusable/hang for ~15min after startup

Accidentally stop sfc /Scannow but i dont see errors

Windows Update Center Says I'm Up to Date

Tray area with blank icons - what's causing it?

How Do I Remove Transparency On Top of Window

Computer won't sleep at night.

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 will Not output 1920x1080 over VGA.

Got a major install issue

Windows 7 on Vaio Screen resolution stuck at 1024x768

Lost My Office Pro Plus Shortcut And Can't Find It

High Performance Power Option at Every Restart

no audio after fresh install


Random Crashes / Hangs

Strange look of the taskbar and window titles

Taskbar bug (help needed)

problem with the driver portio64

Not sure but I think it might be misconfigured system files

Card Reader BSOD

Bluescreen every 12 minutes

Crash during gaming but no bsod

cant get kodak camera to work with win7 rc 7100

Why Does Windows Login Screen Continue Reappearing?

How to remove phantom drive?

BSOD while torrenting

Realtek Audio Driver buzzing

BSOD - ntoskrnl.exe+289fc

BSOD Crashes Daily

Windows 7 upgrade questions

Editing Windows Explorer layout templates

Windows wont start when using sata III

Windows 7 breaking down itself

BSOD and random freezes only in windows (never in games)

Connection problems

My laptop sound stutters

Computer randomly freezes during usage(usually no bsod)

window loses focus

Should I upgrade my friends PC to Windows 7?

Will my upgrade key work?

Drive partition no longer has delete option available - it WAS there

window problem

I want to get the Get Windows 10 Icon

BSOD - Random along with System Freeze

Sound when opening IE 8 is annoying please help

Q: "Frequent" folders shown for Explorer in Taskbar

BSOD Random when playing games. 0x3b

Sleep and Hibernate actions

Updates shutting down PC without warning

Network Topology problem - can't see drives on router

windows not activated after every sleep

Add New Printer not working

No sound after format

BSOD 5-15 minutes after windows starts


WMP Crashes when loading and Blue Screen Yesterday etc.

Difficulty using Windows Explorer - please advise

change audio channel with hot keys?

Windows doen't remember audio settings

Default audio changes on its own when I start up a game or youtube vid

BSOD in in 3D accelerated apps(WoW

BSOD & system hanging

can i restore win7 after uninstalling it

Help with view on Thumbnails?

Cannot share networking on LAN adapter 3 & 4

Why does Win10 not allow overwrite by new Win7 disc?

Why Can't I Enable System Restore?

Search won't work

win 7 slow optical drive

Dissappearing quick start icons

My laptop ram has more than 50% usage every time

My audio is skipping

Regular BSOD with error code 0x109


Backing up libraries (on D:) and also specifiying the D: drive

Homegroup question/issue

Getting the "old style" address bar back? Without just highlighting.

Adding A Search Button To Start Menu

How Do I Stop Windows Auto-Installing Drivers?

Blue screen while I was trying to read an SD card

CCleaner killing my printer

Computer BSODs at random times

GWX.exe windows 10 upgrade won't open

Administor account demoted to guest

Auto-snap to left when opening new window

Auto restart even if uncheck automatic restart

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