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Making Windows Explorer More User Friendly


If you have any websites pinned to your Start screen, they’ll open in your desktop. VIEW ALL PHOTOS IN GALLERY Windows 7 features loads of improvements to streamline workflow and avert many of the headaches found in Windows Vista. I love the details I can fully get into on my Mac vs my Windows pc when I'm drawing something. I want it somewhere easier to access at my fingertips. have a peek here

To quickly access the Control Panel and other advanced options, you can right-click the Start button or press Windows Key + X. Verify the settings of the item Default Programs in the control panel, link Set your default programs as well, where the default programs for internet, e-mail, agenda, contacts, pictures and media Enable the option Show hidden files, folders and drives. By default, many of these are icons are so tiny that even a child's finger can't target them accurately. http://www.sevenforums.com/customization/391886-making-windows-explorer-more-user-friendly.html

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Whitebuck Well, if you ever have a change of mind, you'll have the information available. None of this stuff is hidden or secret. P.S. -even Firefox is dramatically more aesthetically pleasing and intuitively functional in OS X, than in the archaic Windows!

My main unit is an HP ZBook Studio G3 Mobile Workstation, maxed out with 32GB of RAM. In both examples, you don't have to enable the GodMode folder to accomplish the task. Oh, can mine come in red? Windows 10 Tips 2016 christianh So they put Aero on the Alt-Tab view but not the windows…?

Laptops Best Laptops Overall Under $500 For Gaming For Business For College Chromebooks CPU Guide Tablets Best Overall Best 2-in-1s Kids' Tablets Under $200 Samsung Tablets Longest Battery Life Buying Guide Windows 10 Tips And Tweaks You are an elitist for a crap computer/operating system. since I probably will never use tablets, smartphones, or the XBox.)

June 15, 2015 Tom Wilson OMalley: "These new, Universal apps will not work on Windows 7. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2362229,00.asp Seems to be more Feature based OS, But as a TP i'm sure performance is not a main concern at this stage.

CHANGING THE PRODUCT KEY In contrast with earlier Windows versions, it is possible to change the Windows 7 product key by clicking the link Change product key at the bottom of Windows 10 Tips And Tricks Pdf THAT IS -- I'd consider switching all secondary computers/tablets to Windows IF Windows wasn't being run by the NSA. Pressing down the SHIFT or CTRL key can be used to select multiple files/folders and the key combinations SHIFT-HOME and SHIFT-END will jump to the beginning and the end of the Fortunattely, a report of the more detailed calculations is saved in XML-files, stored in the folder C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore.

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Right click on the desktop and select Screen Resolution. https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2014/01/29/top-5-tweaks-to-make-windows-8-1-feel-more-familiar/ Data written to the hard disk is (temporarily) stored on the flash memory (as well). Windows 10 Tips Tricks And Hacks Which may, heaven forbid, consist of facts and truth. Windows 10 Hidden Secrets At the third button Settings (sub Startup and Recovery) the option Automatically restart can be disabled.

http://www.mrseb.co.uk/ Sebastian Anthony Stop promoting your website or I will ban you. navigate here Anyway it's a Cybertron Patriot running Windows 8.1. The other options (like switching user, sleep, lock, restart and log off) are hidden behind the arrow. Damon same here but i really didnt notice disk performance changes. Windows 10 Tricks And Hacks

I returned to Windows 7. So far I don't like this version of Windows but I guess I'll get used to it. And I thought charms were something that Lucky the Leprechaun served me in a bowl back when I was in elementary school (and occasionally now). Check This Out Mo Pro One thing i do not like is that with Windows 10, when I use my touchscreen, i cant find a setting to get rid of pointers.

And besides, you can't have a go at people who genuinely build their own computers, calling them pseudo… The most building you may do for a Mac is point and click Windows 10 Godmode Vice Squeezer haven't tried firefox yet.. Consolidating that was one of the top requests for Windows 10.

In its place is a modern browser named Edge.

I would have thought that's the whole point in having it there. Tab Computer Name On this tab, the computer is given a name which makes it possible to identify the computer by other computers in the same network. Both have a vested interest in seeing continued sales, so I'm fairly sure they will both be developing software to keep their products working. Windows Tricks And Hacks http://HBCC-Tech.com/ Amar Chaudhary GodMode: Named it "wrecker.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}" ;P https://www.facetofacestudy.com Face to Face Study Remain Tech oriented … learn to speak English and other national languages while being at home… Be at

I have the task bar vertically on the left to maximise the vertical foot print. It's uniformed and disorganized. Text displayed by the other, older engines is as headache-inducing as ever. this contact form RSS ALL ARTICLES FEATURES ONLY TRIVIA Search How-To Geek Here’s What’s Different About Windows 10 for Windows 7 Users Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 actually feels designed for a PC

Changing the shut down button in a sleep button The Start menu has got a shut down button by default to switch off the computer. Next, rename the folder. For it is the lesser of the evils between Microsoft and Apple, it has the most practical functionality, it is the most aesthetically pleasing and has the most intuitive user interface. You know….before Windows 7….when you didn't have to try to index an entire server if you wanted to search through documents on that server for a particular phrase??

ScottCA The full screen start menu is terrible compared to windows 8.1 The vertical scroll compared to horizontal is terrible. When I started using multiple partitions and network shares, I had to give up FM for WE. I bought 8.1, and immediately upgraded to 10. Sort of.

Those notifications look amazingly annoying. You can also mix and match traditional Windows desktop applications and new apps from the Store. Just look up OS statistics and get back with me. Creating a Virtual Desktop for my PC game catalog is music to my ears.

If you install another OS, so you have a multiboot machine, then you may have to disable some or all those mods… John B. Tom Aman Me too, that's why I put Win 7 back on ScottCA I don't understand why they didn't leave the large touch screen mode the same as windows 8.1. i have some pretty obscure hardware and so far it has picked everything up on server and desktop hardware on its own completely automatically, including, surprisingly, the maintenance software suite for Mark You should be able to make a shortcut to "shutdown -s -t 0" and assign a shortcut key to it like any other shortcut.

Any suggestions? The main features are: Highly customizable start menu with multiple styles and skins Quick access to recent, frequently-used, or pinned programs Find programs, settings, files and documents Start button for Windows If you don't want to use a Microsoft account, that's also fine -- there's a small little link that allows you to set up a traditional, local Windows account. Click Make text and other items larger or smaller.  Select Medium, Large (if avail) or custom sizing options under Change the size of all items.

No, I am not clicking on the link.