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The economics make sense The cost to manufacture a Surface RT with 32Gb of memory, according to iSupply, is $271. We actually develop on IE and then make it compatible with Webkit browsers afterwards. Login or register to post comments ScottC on Dec 30, 2014 I left WP early last year. Login or register to post comments pmbAustin on Dec 31, 2014 If IE used "Webkit" (which has its own issues), then there'd be no competition at all. useful reference

Get geeky trivia, fun facts, and much more. Whether Microsoft's Kin was or wasn't a smartphone platform is a matter of debate -- Microsoft described them as "social phones." The Kin was designed for users of social-networking services and Login or register to post comments WaltC on Dec 29, 2014 "That rendering engine is WebKit, which is used by the only web browsers that really matter these days: Google Chrome Login or register to post comments mcm_ham on Dec 30, 2014 How does that help Microsoft? https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/musicandvideo/forum/xbvideo/missed-microsoft-opportunity-after-windows-8-with/a0214a10-da16-4876-8e4f-208db110659e

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Logistically, at least it's interesting to appreciate.  Poke around their main profile for a glimpse of how they approach diverse content streams across all their different sub-brands and languages. Sign in here You must be logged in to recommend a comment. Bezos has agreed to purchase The Washington Post in a deal expected to close this year.) “What Ballmer’s departure tells us is that perception is important in this market — especially This implicitly puts any browser that supports additional proprietary extensions in the same position as a browser supporting something like VBScript, and has the same effect: breaking the open web by

The problem (or a problem) is that a 32Gb iPad costs exactly the same, $499. It would make the competitive decision much easier for customers who were not already sold on iPad. But I can't avoid thinking of what could have happened with a more agressive pricing strategy. Windows 8 Backup Software The channel was here.

Login or register to post comments eternalozzie on Dec 29, 2014 Samsung is the only company making any money using Android and they song revenue decrease 2 quarters in a row Windows 8 Backup And Restore Microsoft has actually had a history of innovative products and ideas, but they've failed to execute them over and over again. A million units in their first quarter is not bad, even compared to the iPad's 3.3 million in its first quarter. click resources A large chunk of the market made of people who don't want to spend $499 for a tablet wuld probably jump in.

Valve is using its dominance on the Windows platform and attempting to build up Linux into a Windows competitor for PC gaming. Clone Windows 8.1 To New Hard Drive Having all browsers use the same rendering engine only complicates the problem of poorly written webpages, just like in the old IE days. It would have eliminated any doubts of the consumer adoption of Windows 8 which would have lifted the entire ecosytem incluidng sales of Windows Phone and PCs, resulting in a benefit Your numbers are wrong on the price of an iPad.

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Same goes for people who suggest that Firefox should adopt WebKit as well. https://books.google.com/books?id=hOTrwHJT8k8C&pg=PA71&lpg=PA71&dq=Missed+Opportunity+-+Windows+8&source=bl&ots=OkQ4evcxd6&sig=sNb9YIvoR3aHHyRvtUxJ8BY9W9s&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjP8Yb6g7LRAhVH4IMKHRxCC2gQ6AEINDAE Yes, there are things that it doesn't support (yet), and it has a few bugs of its own, but for the most part it is at least predictable. Windows 8 System Image Backup Verizon started selling the Kin on May 6, 2010 -- nearly 3 years after the first iPhone was released. Windows 8.1 Backup Microsoft has actually been a very innovative company, often beating other companies to promising market segments by years.

No device is. see here It is more responsive, faster, simple than Gmail. You start from here: Enlarge Choosing "Create a system image" on the top left lets you to clone your entire computer to a USB-connected hard drive, DVDs, or a networked drive. What the web developers who create the increasingly sophisticated web sites and web apps that we enjoy every day really need is a single standard to which to write. Backup Windows 8 To External Hard Drive

Get back to the days when IE was a multi-platform browser. The quality is close to the same and the processors are the same, so I guess the question becomes which do want to pay for? But the vast majority of Windows users don't want to pay thousands of extra dollars for high end hardware like that. this page I think diversity and competition with a standard set by the w3c rather than the Webkit consortium (whatever that's called) is better.

I spoke with Sams about this development over the weekend and will say only that his source is clearly solid. Windows 8 Backup Files Login or register to post comments Waethorn on Dec 29, 2014 That actually describes every Google product. They moved their Internet Explorer developers to other projects, such as Silverlight.

An installed base of millions of devices creates a large opporutnity to sell keyboards, cases, mice, applications and other accesories.

Standard is (and should be) different from monopoly. How do you explain the fact that Macs/OS X are significantly less than 10 percent of the market? Ballmer believes in People Ready Business. Windows 8 File History This is a battle as old as the web itself and largely inflamed by Microsoft in the days when it was the "Chrome/WebKit" of the universe.

I'm glad Microsoft isn't choosing to break the web for the sake of developer sloth. Opportunity Knocks... Once again, Microsoft fell behind after an early lead and has struggled to regain that lead. Get More Info Web is already way more standardized than any other application platform or framework across Windows, Android or iOS.

In fact, today will be my last day with Windows as my primary OS as well - my new Mac has arrived (last one I owned was back in '03) and